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Welcome to LF1STA, the student-based tutoring club for LF1UK medical exams

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About Us

Welcome to LF1STA, the student based tutoring club for LF1UK. Our goal is to assist students with their medical education by providing regular and targeted lessons with our fantastic tutors in a non-judgemental environment. This is a platform created by students with the vision to aid our peers with their education ensuring that that they can develop a solid understanding of concepts and excel not only in their exams but also into their medical career.

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Our services

Join us on our weekly sessions!

Study Group

Group Tutoring

Teaching in small groups with weekly sessions following the school curriculum

Join our amazing group tutoring sessions! These sessions consist of 6-8 people with a weekly tutor in line with the school curriculum. These are hourly intensive sessions that progress through interactive/engaging presentations. These sessions will demonstrate the best way to formulate a final question through the eyes of a senior allowing you to be prepared for your exam. Click below to register for our sessions!

1-on-1 Tutoring

personalized tutoring sessions

Join our brilliantly dedicated individual tutoring sessions. Are you struggling with a specific topic that you aren’t sure about? Google or the books just aren’t enough to get your head around the concept? Join our individual sessions that will let you work with tutors that specialize in your subject who will work through the topic you are struggling with. Click below to register for our sessions!

Adult Students

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